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Vinyl Sports flooring

Vinyl sports flooring can be finished in any colour. The vinyl itself comes in a wide range of colours, but it can also be finished with a suitable coating. Vinyl sports flooring is a multi-purpose surface that you can use in a sports centre or gymnasium. It’s durable and offers excellent performance.



The best kind of sports flooring is vinyl, polyurethane or hardwood. The truth is there’s a place for all three surfaces. However, perhaps the most versatile of them all is vinyl sports flooring because it offers a variety of desirable features. The playing qualities of sports flooring are defined by the elastomeric properties of the surface.


There are specific synthetic flooring systems that are perfect for classrooms with younger students. Moreover, Volleyball and basketball courts require proper protection for active athletes to perform their best—all while remaining in prime condition. Vinyl flooring systems meet the durability and maintenance demands for all volleyball and basketball court needs. The flexible and elastic properties in vinyl flooring also help the floor last longer and retain its quality after years of sporting events and activities.


  • Durability
  • Resistant to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable

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