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Homogeneous Vinyl

A homogeneous vinyl flooring sheet is made up of PVC materials of various colors by a special process. It has a single pattern.
Homogeneous Vinyl floors are very popular because of their durability, low maintenance and versatility. PrimeFloor KSA offers  a diverse collection and fit for purpose design offer.



Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a vinyl flooring with single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of color. It is made of one single layer that offers vibrancy and depth of colour. It is incredibly durable and stain resistant which makes it a great flooring choice for heavy traffic areas. Homogeneous vinyl flooring is the one single layer flooring with same content from top to bottom made by same mixed raw materials.


Homogeneous vinyl flooring resists stain and durable as it can be used in high traffic areas.  It is indeed the ideal flooring for commercial such as industries, schools, healthcare centers etc,  With the advantages of high durability, low maintenance, scratch resistance, antibacterial and fungicidal treatments; it is the perfect choice for  airport, station, mall, office, workshop and GYM.


  • Easy to clean,
  • long lasting,
  • comfortable when you walk on it,
  • Antibacterial and fungicidal
  • Fire resistant & Water proof & Slip Resistant
  • Durable, scratch resistant
  • Resilient and comfortable
  • Softer and warmer to walk
  • Easy to install with rolls
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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