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Heterogeneous Vinyl

Heterogeneous vinyl’s multi-layer construction allows us to finetune performance and bring durable floors with a range of added benefits.
PrimeFloor  Heterogeneous Vinyl solution is solvent-free, low-emission fibre-filled adhesive guarantees perfect dimensional stability.


Heterogeneous Vinyl: A Versatile Flooring Option

Heterogeneous vinyl is a flooring composed of several layers, including a printed layer for limitless design possibilities. Heterogeneous vinyl provides architectural and decorative looks. It is an easy to maintain floors which makes it is ideal for projects that demand the ultimate in performance and value. Heterogeneous vinyl flooring has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. With its wide range of design options and practical benefits, this flooring material has become a go-to choice for homeowners and commercial spaces alike.

Advantages of Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

1. Durability and Resilience:

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring is known for its exceptional durability and resilience. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and wear, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. Its strong protective layer ensures that it can withstand heavy use, making it a reliable long-term flooring option.

2. Versatility in Design:

One of the key advantages of heterogeneous vinyl flooring is its versatility in design. It comes in a wide array of patterns, colors, and textures, allowing for endless customization options. Whether you prefer a classic wood look, a stone-inspired design, or a bold contemporary pattern, there is a heterogeneous vinyl option to suit every style and taste.

3. Easy Maintenance:

Maintaining heterogeneous vinyl flooring is a breeze. Its smooth and impermeable surface makes it resistant to spills, stains, and moisture. Regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping are typically sufficient to keep it looking pristine. This low-maintenance aspect makes it an attractive choice for busy households or commercial spaces.

Applications of Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

1. Residential Spaces:

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for various rooms in residential settings. From kitchens and living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, it offers a durable and visually appealing flooring solution. Its versatility allows homeowners to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout their entire home.

2. Commercial Spaces:

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring is equally well-suited for commercial environments. Its durability, ease of maintenance, and broad range of design options make it an ideal choice for retail stores, offices, hotels, and healthcare facilities. Additionally, its sound-absorbing properties contribute to a quieter and more comfortable working or shopping environment.

Design Possibilities with Heterogeneous Vinyl

1. Visual Realism:

Thanks to advanced printing technologies, heterogeneous vinyl flooring can realistically mimic the appearance of natural materials such as wood, stone, or ceramic tiles. With intricate textures and grain patterns, it can provide the authentic look of natural materials without the maintenance and cost associated with them.

2. Customization and Patterns:

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring offers endless possibilities for creative design. From herringbone patterns to geometric designs, the flexibility of this flooring material allows for personalized and unique installations. It can effortlessly complement various interior styles, adding a touch of individuality to any space.


Heterogeneous vinyl floors offer creative solutions for commercial, residential, educational and healthcare use. It offers high durability for heavy traffic applications in hospitals and schools. Ideal for spaces with a lot of direct sunlight or places subject to excessive heat. Use on sound and dry subfloors.


  • It’s Budget-Friendly.
  • A Vast Array of Finishes.
  • More Durable and Resilient Than Ever.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Water-Resistant and Insulating.

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