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Rubber Sports Flooring

Rubber Sports flooring is specialized with it’s elastic response and durability.  Rubber sports flooring is the right choice for gyms, sports halls and multi-sport courts. Their  antibacterial surface and the possibility to be combined with shock-absorbing and insulating underlays make rubber sports flooring safe for athletes, easy to maintain and high performing.

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Rubber sports flooring is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is most widely used in gyms for its impact resistance and shock absorption. Rubber is the most resilient surface on the market and a top choice where performance matters.


  • Fitness center, training facility, and gym

  • Home and commercial gym floors Private instructors, etc.


  • High elasticity

  • Sound absorption

  • Slip resistance

  • High friction coefficient

  • Resistance to temperature

  • High water resistance

  • Easily maintained surface

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