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Wooden Sports Flooring

Our unique wood sports flooring provides shock absorption whoch is crucial when an athelete impacts a surface. The floors are made out of high-quality wood and are designed to last, so they’re a great investment for any sports arena or gym. It is easy to maintain and doesn’t require much work once installed.



A hard, wooden sports floor is essential for the athletic performance of the sportsmen and also can be an important factor in improving their game. Hence, the wooden sports flooring impacts the success of the court as it is used for indoor as well as outdoor games.


Wooden sports flooring is commonly used for sports such as basketball and netball, as they have great ball bounce and shock absorption properties. They’re best used solely for sports use, not multi-activity, so it might not be the best option if it’s being installed for multiple purposes.


  • The wood flooring provides a uniform surface.
  • Wooden floors provide high stability underfoot.
  • Wooden sports flooring provides the best visual, playing, and audible experience in Basketball and Handball.

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