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Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are specially designed squares of carpeting that are made to lockdown in a similar way to standard carpet flooring.  This carpet flooring option is designed to go down easily, and it’s often used with different colors blended together in checker or mosaic patterns to create more unique looks. While not everyone likes the look of carpet tiles, it’s a strong type of carpet flooring that’s coming back in style today.



Carpet tiles can be used as an alternative to wall-to-wall carpet in almost any situation not requiring unique customisation and offer easy installation and maintenance, longevity and the same qualities as wall to wall for creating a healthy, comfortable indoor environment. Although it can seem a bit old-school, many businesses and homeowners today are trying out carpet tiles with good results.


Carpet tiles can be installed in different configurations to create different effects. Patterned carpet tiles can be used for traffic areas and solid colours to delineate break-out areas for example.


  • Carpet squares are easy to remove and replace
  • Give you great design flexibility
  • Carpet Improves Indoor Air Quality
  • Carpet Provides Warmth and Comfort
  • Carpet Softens Slips and Falls
  • Carpet Reduces Noise
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Durable product
  • Basic maintenance
  • Look variety

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