When installing a wood floor for athletes, it is not just about how it looks. Performance is also key. And because we care about fitness and we love our athletes, Prime Floor KSA has a wide variety of wood floors suitable for sports such as basketball, gymnasiums, volleyball, Squash, racquetball, and more.

Our multilayered wooden floors for indoor and outdoor sports are resilient and feature stability through several interlocked layers of the best quality wood. Each layer is carefully engineered to provide just the right amount of rebound effect and shock absorbing properties which are essential to any athletic event. On the other hand, the homogenous surface texture of and multilayered nature of our hardwood sports flooring has minimal marking effect from the impact of bouncing balls and continuous human sole pressure, making our wood floors tough to damage, crack, bend or concave.

The waterproof characteristic of our wood flooring structures prevents water, cleaning detergents and spilled liquids to leak under the surface, an advantage which both discourages molds and fungus from having an environment to grow in and avoids athletes the painful agony of slip-and-fall accidents. This brings us to another important feature of our wood floors, which is being resilient to temperature changes, having an endurance level capable of sustaining temperature changes ranging from -40 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius.

As for our synthetic wood floors, they are designed specifically to maintain their appearance despite the continuous pressure of human feet. In addition, our synthetic floors are easily and economically resurfaced, minimizing time, effort and expenses on our clients when and if maintenance is required. And just like maple wood floors, our synthetic floors have a high friction coefficient to minimize the risks of slipping, making them a safe environment for our athletes to perform on.

We at Prime Floor KSA understand that the aesthetic value of our floors is as important as their performance and endurance value, that is why we make sure the designs, graphics, and finishing, are up to the highest standards, in order to bring out the best in our athletes. Our wooden floors, whether synthetic or maple, may be custom made to fit any design, size, or shape, your sports area has to offer. And since we all care about branding, Prime Floor KSA will print out any design you like on your smooth floor, including the logo of your club, your mascot, or any advertising you need.