Apart from the metal ceilings, walls and flooring solutions Prime Floor KSA provides, we have expanded our area of expertise from the bare courts for our athletes to the trade and installation of heavy duty sports equipment and tools, along with suitable accessories for each type of sports. Whether located on our vinyl, hardwood maple, synthetic or elastic rubber floorings, Prime Floor KSA sports equipment is guaranteed to have a long life, to match that of our flooring solutions.

We provide equipment and accessories for Basketball, Football, Volleyball, and Tennis Courts. From Backboards, Goals, Nets, Wall and Column Mounts, Scoreboards, Shot Clocks, Overhead Accessories, Safety Paddings, Judge’s Stands, Floor Sleeves, Floor Anchors, Storage Systems, up to Benches and Bleaches, we provide you with all the equipment and accessories you need, from the world’s leading suppliers, and according to international standards and regulations, in order for you to have a world standard sports court, from it floors to its walls and all its equipment.