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Wood Sports Flooring

Our multilayered wood sports flooring solutions for indoor and outdoor sports are resilient and feature stability through several interlocked layers of the best quality wood. Each layer is carefully engineered to provide just the right amount of rebound effect and shock absorbing properties which are essential to any athletic event.

Our unique wood sports flooring provides shock absorption which is crucial when an athlete impacts a surface. Shock absorption is what helps reduce injury for athletes by diverting enough force to the floor vs. the athlete’s joints and ligaments. It is easy to maintain and requires little upkeep once installed. It is required to mop it on a daily basis to remove debris from the surface and to ensure nothing clings to the surface.

Wooden surfaces deliver a uniform level playing surface for athletes. Non-uniform wood sports flooring has been known to force athletes’ muscles to constantly adapt to sudden changes in playing surfaces, which increases energy consumption and fatigue.

Wood sports flooring is used in a plethora of indoor sports including Basketball, Volleyball, squash courts, gym, Dance flooring, and Badminton. It provides an even surface and better bouncing of the ball.

Remaining resilient despite heavy wear and tear is an invaluable feature with high shock resistance. More stability means that the wood sports flooring is less responsive to changes in the environment, so it’s less likely to crack from expanding or contracting too much.

Our bright, light-colored wood is attractive. Its grain texture is smooth, which makes it the ideal surface for painting lines and logos on the floor. Our wood sports flooring are also more reactive to spills and moisture, which can be hard to avoid at events where people are cheering, dancing, and celebrating while holding a large cup of liquid. Our solution is optimized for maximum performance, safety, and unmatched appearance.



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