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Vinyl Sports Flooring

Vinyl Sports Flooring

For young athletes, performance and pleasure should be their only concern. Therefore, Prime Floor KSA provides ideal and innovative floorings, that meet the highest environmental and health standards, allowing sports to be played in stimulating and safe surroundings.

Vinyl is a great floor for a space that will not only host sporting events, but conferences, parties, and assemblies as well. Our solution boasts a water-resistant surface with a non-linear texture that allows traction but doesn’t gather dirt.  It can easily be dry-swept to remove dust. Using a wet mop and recommended detergent regularly will keep the floor looking vibrant and new!

It is durable and resilient and its flexible and elastic properties also help the floor last longer and retain it’s quality after years of sporting events and activities. Vinyl sports flooring is one of the most multipurpose sports floors. It’s perfect for basketball, volleyball, and many other activities.

It is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. It doesn’t lose its level surface due to fluctuations. It is available in the widest range of elasticities to suit any sport. Vinyl sports flooring can offer point elastic performance which deforms in a small area, area elastic performance where the energy is spread over a large area, and mixed elastic performance, where you get both point and area elastic qualities.

Vinyl sports flooring consists of several layers. The top layer is an extremely durable PVC that’s designed to resist abrasion and impacts. Vinyl will never crack or split on impact because it is too flexible. This makes it fantastic for sports halls. Underlay also protects the subfloor from damage which is particularly important for screw-fixed plywood floors.

Vinyl sports flooring is a multi-purpose surface that you can use in a sports centre or gymnasium. It’s durable and offers excellent performance.

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