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Squash Courts

Our Squash Courts are set up with all its components, floors, walls, glass, and even lighting, all while ensuring that our material and products meet the most important safety factors set out by the World Squash Federation, in order to guarantee maximum safety and functionality in the court.

We offer unparalleled quality, performance, durability, and longevity. No other court panel delivers a more precise ball rebound, maintains dimensional stability and stands up to repetitive impact. Our squash courts solution provides a more durable, cleanable surface that looks and plays like new, year after year.

Our hardwood squash courts flooring is designed to withstand heavy use while giving your players the ideal traction for safe and fast movement. Court glass wall systems are engineered to provide superior strength so that they can handle even the most rigorous of matches.

The unique press drying process makes our squash courts floor very strong and results in a wooden floor that is inherently stable throughout the natural cycle of humidity changes during the year. They are unsealed and have a slightly roughened surface, which provides the right level of friction whether the surface is wet or dry, and so keeps risk of injury to an absolute minimum.

The undercarriage system of our squash courts floors has a direct bearing on the performance of the floor. They have unique area elastic properties to ensure optimal shock absorption. The standards relate both to safety and technical properties including friction, rolling load, vertical deformation, shock absorption and ball bounce.

Not only is our squash courts floors one of the safest and best performing wood floors on the market, they have a long life cycle, low cost and high investment value, which makes them unbeatable. Installing it will give you the benefit of full technical backup throughout the life of the floor.



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