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Raised Floors

Whether for your IT Office, Server Rooms, Printing Rooms, or Data Centers, our raised flooring solutions will provide you with all the hidden voids you need for all your cabling and plumbing infrastructure. You can even accommodate people crawling under them in case you need to.

The raised flooring system provides the flexibility of layout for construction services and, with the inclusion of removable floor tiles, allows quick and easy access for reconfiguration and maintenance. It also makes it possible to reconfigure or rearrange the spaces while disturbing the distribution boxes on the ground as little as possible, the furniture or repositioning partitions.

The underfloor airflow system of Raised Flooring allows to pass several networks in all discretion:

  • Distribution of electrical power,
  • Cabling Management office for optical fiber, data, and telecoms,
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning,
  • Water supply and drainage,
  • Wiring for environmental controls, fire detection, and extinction or security

They allow great flexibility while ensuring a beautiful visual harmony. Raised flooring is easily customizable and easily blends into the interior design. You can choose the finish that suits you, the material and the texture (linoleum, laminate, carpet, etc.) to create a space pleasing to the eye.

Raised flooring are loose systems in which the floor panels rest on the head of the adjustable foot, providing easy access to voids under the floor, or to raised or screwed floors in which the floor panels are attached to adjustable foot head for added safety.

They also create sound bridges allowing sound to pass from one office to another under the partitions. Raised Flooring coverings and sound barriers can be used to reduce sound transmission, and joints between panels can be minimized or sealed. If you are looking for high quality solutions for your office project, you arrived to the right destination!


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