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Outdoor Sports Flooring

Outdoor Sports Flooring

Our highly resilient floors are structured with anti-slippery properties, good resistance during all weather conditions, a cushion-like impact surface, and the ability to host sole pressure when athletes run, jump and dunkon its surface. Ideal for outdoor sports such as basketball, football, handball, volleyball, etc.

Outdoor Sports Flooring are made using high-quality materials provides excellent shock absorption, better bounce, and improved traction for the players to play their game fiercely and make the most of the surface. A floor responsive to bounce and good uniformity enhances playability. It has the right amount of flexibility depending on the type of games and activities that it accommodates. Such floors adjust faster to the movements of the players. They have adequate vertical deformation to prevent acute injuries.

It withstands long-term, heavy-duty use. Properly installed quality outdoor sports flooring has minimum maintenance requirements. They are easy to clean, more durable, resistant to mold and bacteria, and have higher resilience.

The waterproof floor decreases the risk of slips after rain and allows water to drain out fully from the surface. Outdoor Sports Flooring featuring slip resistance, creates a safe space for sports. It also features a combination of shock-absorbing properties and slips resistance. When it comes to flooring for sports, it is essential to choose a solution that has been designed with the body in mind. It should be suitable for supporting the body’s natural movements along with protecting the joints from high impact.

It snaps into position quickly with our professional installation. Another key benefit of these outdoor  sports flooring tiles is that they can be easily dismantled too. Proper draining surface means they can be easily cleaned. Fallen leaves can be removed by sweeping or using a leaf blower. If any single tile does become damaged, it can be removed out of the court and replaced easily.

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