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Metal Ceilings

Metal ceilings are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks than traditional dropped ceiling materials, while still offering easy access to the ceiling void, where most buildings run their wiring and conduits. They are also every bit as cost-effective and flexible in designs as the metal used in exterior building finishes.

Prime Floor KSA offers best-in-class solutions for outstanding aesthetics and unmatched durability. Its tiles are much stronger and less prone to breaks and cracks than mineral fiber tiles. Installing metal ceiling tiles still allows for easy access to the void but means that when work is being carried out there is less fear of snapping the tiles when stepping through or opening them.

As well as being resilient to damages during install/maintenance, metal ceiling tiles are also more resilient when it comes to bugs! Metal tiles are also resistant to mold and mildew which may form on mineral tiles in high humidity areas.

Metal ceiling tiles are more resistant to fire making them safer. Create a sleek and modern look in any building and are available in a large range of style, perforation and texture options. Metal tiles can be coated in any color making them ideal for designs with specific color schemes. Even if the metal tiles are not painted they can be bare metal, powder-coated, brushed, or polished. Metal ceilings are available in a variety of shape options such as open-cell or linear options. If the existing plaster ceiling in your building is unsightly then installing a metal ceiling can hide these imperfections.

They are long-lasting with sleek and fine designs. In terms of energy efficiency, metal ceilings are excellent at conducting hot or cold air so it can help quickly change the temperature of a room by absorbing hot or cold air from the heating or cooling system and radiating it across the room.

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