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Children Playgrounds

Children Playgrounds Flooring Solutions

We provide injury-free flooring to bedrooms, playgrounds, schools, and care centers. Our floors have anti-slip and elastic properties, to cushion falls and prevent injuries. Our children playgrounds flooring is also resistant to bacteria and germs proliferation, both in indoor and outdoor conditions. The right surface materials are incorporated in the designs to make a substantial contribution to most of these requirements.

Fall attenuation and slip-resistance are the foremost benefits of Children Playgrounds flooring. These attributes help to minimize the risk of injury to children at play whether they’re at ground level or fall from play equipment.

The structure of our Children Playgrounds Flooring has been shown to most effectively reflect light and remain degrees cooler than other surfaces tested under the same conditions. It is available in a variety of colors that add a playful vibe to areas designed for children. It is colored to the core, so there’s no risk of surface color wearing off. It is also UV and chlorine resistant, ensuring it stays vibrant for longer without fading.

Our exquisite Children Playgrounds Flooring can help absorb some of that noise so that nearby residents or workers are not disturbed and younger children aren’t intimidated by the surrounding decibels.

That same seamless quality allows our Children Playgrounds Flooring solutions to be poured around the base of play equipment, over shapes and platforms, on rooftop or terrace playgrounds of daycare centers located within city buildings, around the water jets or fountains of splash parks, and so, flexibly on.

Dust, sand, food scraps, spilled drinks — our children playground flooring respond to periodic cleaning, coming up fresh and hygienic for the next tangle of young feet and limbs. They are easily maintained with simple products. It can also be laid to allow water to drain through the surface, ensuring a dry and slip-resistant underfoot experience in all conditions.



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