Whether for your IT Office, Server Rooms, Printing Rooms, or Data Centers, our raised flooring solutions will provide you all the hidden void you need for all your cabling and plumbing infrastructure: data transmission networks, electric cables, telephone lines, security, climate control, drainage, and plumbing. Our raised floors are installed depending on the depths and clearances you need and can even accommodate people crawling under them in case you need them to.

Prime Floor KSA raised flooring systems to consist of five fragments:

Support Structure

Adjustable height supports (pedestals), either horizontal or vertical, being the back one of the raised floor, elevating it from the floor.

Core Material

The central part that binds the support structure with the surface panels. They may be high-density resin and wood or inert materials with resilient cellular fibers.

Upper Surface of Panels

Usually made of quality steel plates. The conductive surrounding of these panels absorbs high temperatures that might enter the void under them, thus acting as a heat-resistant, protective barrier from the outside world to avoid any damage by an underfloor air distribution.

Our surface panels also have anti-wear properties, being resistant to light, cleaning detergents as well as the masking effect of the stable heavy impact of a chair and human soles, providing a sturdy and efficient workspace on both sides of the floor.

And since we care for both functionality and aesthetics, our team will make sure to cover the panels of the raised floors by anything you like, yes anything. Our team can decorate the floor with carpet tiles, high-pressure laminates, marble, stone or antistatic finishes, depending on your requirement. We can also provide the option of cement covered panels, which would allow you to save money without the need to decorate the panels.

Perimetral Edges

The layer covering two adjacent surface panels, stopping them from grinding with each other and making noise in the process. Also, and thanks to this layer, Prime Floor KSA can safely transfer any quantity of surface panels with minimum risk of damage to the tiles.


The finish cover-layer of the bottom surface of the panels, which may have structural as well as functional purposes in defining the quality of your raised floor.

In addition, Prime Floor KSA provides useful accessories to raised flooring structures, such as perforated panels for ventilation, indoor and outdoor ramps and steps, partition walls for soundproofing, anti-inflammatory coating, as well as structural bridges.

Our raised floorings are suitable for Data Centers, Control Rooms, Service Centers, Command Centers, Printing Rooms, IT Rooms, Server Rooms, Offices, Retail Centers, Laboratories, Libraries, Museums, and Casinos.