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Squash Court

The flooring in a squash court is critical to the game. This is because the surface will impact how the ball bounces and moves. If the flooring is not of good quality, it can cause the ball to bounce erratically and make it difficult for players to control the game. That is why it is important to invest in quality hardwood flooring for your squash court.



The squash court surface is a critical factor in the game, so it’s crucial for facilities to invest in ones that are high-quality and durable. In addition, the selected surfaces must meet the requirements of squash sport associations.


Squash court is used in fast paced games like squash and racquetball. the squash floor should give the player freedom of movement, optimal ball bounce and protection against injuries.


  • Delivers a precise ball rebound.
  • Maintains dimensional stability and stands up to repetitive impact.
  • It provides a more durable, cleanable surface.

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