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Rubber Floor Rolls

Rubber Flooring rolls can stand the tests of time and traffic. You can count on its durability to protect floors from free weights and exercise equipment. Along with being tough, its soft and cushiony surface provides a comfortable environment for floor exercises or for kids to play. Recommended for commercial and residential indoor use.



Rubber rolls are the flooring option of choice for commercial gyms. Extremely durable and very economical, they’re perfect for high traffic areas and large spaces that see a lot of activity.Rubber rolls come in sheets that are four feet wide and can be fifteen to fifty feet in length. They’re available in different thicknesses to better suit different needs and requirements – thin rubber rolls can hold up to bodyweight exercises, medium thickness is great for universal gyms.


Rubber floor rolls are used in fitness center, training facility, and gym .


  • Easier installation in large spaces
  • Seamless appearance
  • Greater water resistance
  • Affordable price

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