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Laminate Hardwood Floor

Laminate surfaces are highly water- and stain-resistant. It is not recommended in wet areas, such as bathrooms. Laminate flooring has enough heat resistance that it can be installed over radiant heating systems.



Laminate flooring is manufactured by starting with a core layer of fiberboard made of wood byproducts. Over this is a design layer that is printed to resemble wood or other material. The design layer is protected by a clear, hard wear layer that offers good resistance to scratching and stains. This is a floating floor that requires no nailing or glue.


For the low amount of maintenance they require, laminate floors are extremely durable. Laminate can weather high traffic with minimal damage, can offer UV resistance and can be waterproofed. It also does not scratch or discolor as easily as hardwood floors.


  • Laminate surfaces are highly water- and stain-resistant
  • Laminate floors are easily cleaned
  • Laminate flooring has moderately good resistance to damage from impact
  • Laminate flooring is very easy to install,
  • Laminate floors average about 15 to 25 years of life.

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