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Encapsulated Raised Floors for Modern Spaces

Enhance your space with Encapsulated Raised Floors. Explore the advantages of this innovative flooring solution for improved flexibility, efficient cable management, and enhanced aesthetics. Contact us today for expert installation and customized solutions.



Encapsulated panels reduce the use of heating and cooling efficiently. That is to say, the best panels offer high energy efficiency. They maintain the heat and air conditioning in the occupied space.  Encapsulated panel should be a major consideration for the health of your building and the energy you will save.

Where using Encapsulated Raised Floors

This type of flooring system is commonly used in: 

  • commercial buildings
  • data centers
  • cleanrooms
  • laboratories
  • high-tech facilities.

and other facilities that require a high degree of flexibility and accessibility for their electrical, mechanical, and networking infrastructure.

In data centers, encapsulated raised floors provide a controlled environment for servers, networking equipment, and cables. The encapsulation helps to isolate and contain airflow, ensuring efficient cooling and preventing the mixing of hot and cold air. This setup improves energy efficiency and minimizes the risk of equipment overheating.

Cleanrooms  also benefit from encapsulated raised floors as they provide a seamless and easy-to-clean surface, preventing the accumulation of dust, contaminants, and spills. The encapsulation helps maintain the desired air quality and integrity of the controlled environment, ensuring optimal conditions for sensitive processes and experiments.

Encapsulated raised floors are widely utilized in laboratory settings to meet the specific requirements of these controlled environments. Laboratories often deal with sensitive experiments, research, and handling of hazardous substances, making the choice of flooring crucial. They offer a seamless and easily cleanable surface, minimizing the risk of contaminants accumulating and facilitating efficient cleaning and decontamination.

The encapsulation helps maintain the integrity of the controlled environment, preventing the intrusion of unwanted particles or chemicals from the subfloor.

Key Features and Benefits

Flexibility: Easily adapt your space with Encapsulated Raised Floors, allowing for seamless reconfiguration to meet changing needs.

Efficient Cable Management: Streamline your cable infrastructure with concealed pathways, ensuring a clutter-free environment and easy maintenance.

Enhanced Airflow and Cooling:

Optimize air circulation in critical environments with advanced airflow designs, promoting energy efficiency and equipment performance.

Aesthetics and Customization: Choose from various finishes and colors to create a visually pleasing environment that matches your brand identity.

Acoustic Performance: Reduce noise transmission between spaces with the acoustic insulation properties of Encapsulated Raised Floors.




Floor panel is encapsulated to provide full steel encasement, steel to be high quality galvanized steel sheet as top and bottom. High-density chipboard as the core. According to top and bottom steel thickness, principal features of this innovative steel cement encapsulated panels configuration remain unalterable taking loading features to a higher level.


Encapsulated panels are extensively used in office buildings, power stations, telecommunication rooms and factory clean rooms. These types of products are an ideal option when you need a specific free environment.

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