When speaking about floors for athletes, one thinks of the safety of the floor and its resilience, as well as the comfort it brings to the legs, feet and bodies of athletes. That is why our engineers make sure that our floors are structured with anti-slippery properties, good resistance during all weather conditions, a cushion-like impact surface, and the ability to host sole pressure when athletes run, jump and dunk on its surface.

Prime Floor KSA offers highly resilient Acrylic flooring systems, ideal for outdoor multipurpose areas, sports courts including basketball, football, handball, volleyball, or any other outdoor sports court.

We provide you a whole solution, from design till post project support. Our design team helps you achieve any creative design or pattern you like, even graphics you cannot achieve with other surface safety products. We provide the material and installation process anywhere in KSA and our solutions are backed by a full warranty.

Our acrylic surface systems can be applied on asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic surfaces and provide you with a resilient, non-porous and seamless surface, that is known to be the absolute best sporting surface available for fall protection and accessibility. They also do not absorb water nor dirt, making them easy to clean and maintain during all weather conditions.

The Acrylic Cushion Coat gives maximum long-lasting resilient properties for optimum comfort to the players. The Textured surface finish is slip resistant, tough, durable, UV resistant and ideal for all sports courts. It can also be applied in different thicknesses to suit every sport’s required surface criteria, specifications and budget.

On top of our acrylic surface solutions, we also provide Polyurethane Floors, Artificial Grass, and Running Tracks. We have poured many successful projects for clients within KSA and our innovative surfacing has helped create safe sports floors in several regions.

Our sports flooring solutions possess numerous characteristics and can be best suited for most types of subfloors:

  • 3 to 8 layers system with or without cushion layer

  • Uses: Tennis, basketball, volleyball, skating and Children’s play area

  • Optimum durability with warranties ranging from one to five years

  • Multiple color options available including custom-made colors upon on request

  • Ultraviolet resistant colors which don’t fade with time

  • Design as per international standards with high durability & performance

  • Non-glare surfaces

  • Fast dry surfaces

  • Low maintenance and cost-effective solution

  • Anti-slip Safe surface, Non-harmful to body parts

  • UV resistant material which withstands all weather conditions

Recommended Areas of Usage:

  • Multi-purpose outdoor facilities

  • Outdoor tennis courts

  • Outdoor basketball court

  • Outdoor handball courts

  • Outdoor volleyball courts

  • Skating arenas

  • Outdoor velodromes for biking

  • Running tracks

  • Most types of outdoor sports courts