Metal ceilings are stronger and less prone to cracks and breaks than traditional dropped ceiling materials, while still offering easy access to the ceiling void, where most buildings run wiring, conduits, cameras, security components and environmental controls. All these items require regular maintenance and occasional repair, so being able to access the ceiling void without the fear of breaking or damaging the ceiling material is a big advantage of metal ceilings. They are also every bit as cost-effective and flexible in designs as the metal used in exterior buildings finishes.

Metal ceilings are also moisture resistant, mitigate staining and crumbling from leaks, and absorb and redirect sound, so you that don’t have echoes in the rooms. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, textures, and finishes (Regular, Vector and Vector Exterior, 3D, Blades, Canopies, Capz, Clip-on, Concealed, Linear, Mesh, Snap-In, Tin, Wings, and more). They can be coated with any color you like and can be made to resemble anything from antique tin roof squares to a soft smooth finish with your signature colors. They can also be bare metal, powder coated, brushed, or polished.

Prime Floor KSA team installs ceilings in four different methods:

a) On a wall

b) On a pillar

c) On a foundation

d) On another ceiling

All four types of installation provide a resilient and sturdy protective cover for the equipment and furniture arranged below or above it, giving a shiny metallic charisma to the room.

Whether smooth, linear, one-piece, multi-pieced or mesh metal ceilings, Prime Floor KSA ensures that they will be easy to access and maintain. The anti-corrosive property of our materials will prevent rust, making our metal ceilings last a lifetime, and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

With luxurious visual and decorative value as well as highly practical standards, Prime Floor KSA metal ceilings can be applicable to airports, banks, offices, shopping malls, villas and any other location which requires anesthetic, cost-effective, and practical solution to its ceilings.