Similar to all our products, Prime Floor KSA incorporates a specially formulated polyurethane reinforcement, inducing a long-term polish-free preservation system, which in turn significantly reduces maintenance costs of health care vinyl floors.

We also make sure that our floors are unaffected to indentations from static loads, not easily fractured or damaged by the motion of wheelchairs, trolleys or any other rolling cargo. And when it comes to constant contact with feet motion, Prime Floor KSA ensures that our floorings have the abrasion resistance required to resist the wearing of the surface!

And since the primary concern of healthcare centers is cleanness, our floors are resistant to bacteria proliferation, easy to mop, scrub and wash on a daily basis. Moreover, the smooth, homogeneous surface of the Prime Floor KSA vinyl flooring aids in keeping the clinic, operation and intensive care areas sterile due to the rebound ability of the texture, which leaves no bumps to accumulate bacteria and molds. In this way, Hospital Acquired Infection rate can be reduced to almost non-existent, ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment for your patients.

Our installation team also makes sure that the wall-floor contact points are perfectly suited, preventing infections and dirt from settling between the cracks and maintaining a high standard of hygiene.

Our vinyl floors also abide by the EN 13893 Class DS grade regulations, to ensure that our elders, children, and unattended patients will have enough resistance to avoid slipping, even if the floors are damp or wet.

Prime Floor KSA vinyl floorings also fit the requirement of resisting the accumulation of electric energy, thus being suitable for operation and care rooms that require zero conductive environments.

We deal with several of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Health Care Vinyl Flooring and based on your choice of brand and product, we can provide you all of the certificates, available options, as well as colors and prices. Our floor textures are designed to be more home-like rather than institutional, helping the patients feel rather less stressed for being in a strange environment.

Our products are suitable for all the rooms and facilities of Hospitals, Medical Centers, Nursing Homes, and Care Homes for the disabled.