There is nothing more precious to our lives than our children, that is why they should run around and play in a safe environment. We at Prime Floor KSA, provide our next generation with injury-free flooring to bedrooms, playgrounds, schools and care centers. Our floors have anti-slip and elastic properties, to cushion falls and prevent injuries. Due to the UV and silicon-based treatment they undergo, they provide resistance to bacteria proliferation, as well as to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions.

Further to our flooring solutions, we also provide full play ground solutions through our partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of children playgrounds and toys.

We provide premium quality solutions for:

  • Soft Play Systems
  • Indoor Adventure Parks
  • Climbing walls
  • Ball Pools
  • Trampolines
  • Electrical Interactive Toys.

Along with guaranteeing healthy, safe and long-lasting toys to our little clients, we can build our solutions based on the space you have, the design you ask for, up to having your own logo on the products as well. Just give us the dimensions and we can turn your empty location into a branded play zone for children. Our engineers, with years of experience, can build a 3D plan of your location in no time, so that you would be able to see the end result, before committing to a certain design.

All our products are manufactured using premium quality raw materials, to provide Safe Fun for Kids. All raw material is selected carefully in order to produce healthy, safe and long-lasting toys. All of our products comply with all the latest European Norms, are inspected by qualified engineers, and have a 2 years warranty. We exported and installed playgrounds in several countries for the past couple of years. Also, in some countries, we have resellers to provide faster installation, service, and maintenance for our customers.